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New NEMT rear entry long channel / stretcher capable / Ram Promaster

Introducing our exclusive conversion for the Ram Promaster LOW ROOF model: a meticulously designed rear entry system boasting an exceptionally clean and spacious long channel. This innovative conversion effortlessly accommodates two wheelchairs or stretchers, providing unparalleled accessibility.

Crafted with the operator or caretaker in mind, our conversion allows individuals up to 6’2″ to stand upright, ensuring ease of operation. The manual ramp and lowered floor offer simplicity and durability, eliminating the need for cumbersome hydraulic lifts prone to frequent maintenance issues. Moreover, our solution mitigates safety concerns associated with lifting wheelchair users to significant heights, as it maintains a lower profile.

We take pride in being the sole provider of this revolutionary solution, tailored for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) applications and catering to the needs of tall wheelchair users and caretakers alike. Experience the difference firsthand by contacting us today to learn more. Speak with Todd for personalized assistance.

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