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If You Are a Wheelchair Accessible Van Dealer:

Diversify Your Inventory With Easy-to-Sell Conversions

Whether you are a smaller dealer selling pre-owned wheelchair accessible vans or have a franchised agreement with Braun and or VMI, Adaptive Vans believes you’ll find our range of reasonably priced, fully crash-tested wheelchair accessible vans and accessible conversions to be a fantastic addition to your current inventory.

Sell Our Simple Products That Are Easy to Service and Maintain

At Adaptive Vans we believe in simplicity; therefore, we take a minimally invasive approach resulting in a wheelchair accessible van conversion that is simple to service, appears and performs nearly identical to the O.E.M. chassis. Offered at an affordable price to accommodate a variety of budgets.

Stock Your Inventory Your Way

Additionally, we always put your best interest first. Meaning, we offer two convenient options for the conversion process. Firstly, we welcome any structurally sound, clean van within our year and model parameters to be shipped to our state-of-the-art facility. Saving you, the dealer, additional resources, as you only encounter shipping charges one way. Never will you hear us say; “there’s an extra charge,” because you are providing the chassis. Secondly, we can alternatively resource a clean, low mileage, current model year van through our vast automotive wholesale resources for a quick turnaround, saving you both time and money in your search for the best wheelchair accessible vans.

Start Selling More

Excellence, simplicity, and convenience are what make Adaptive Vans a unique and trusted business since 1979. Contact us today to start selling Adaptive Vans at your dealership.

If You Are a Mobility Store Not Yet Selling Wheelchair Accessible Vans:

Expand Your Product Range

Simply put; your customers are our customers! Which is the very reason why your business should be offering wheelchair accessible vans and conversions to an already captive audience.

Benefit Your Business and Your Customers

In fact, some of our most successful wheelchair accessible van dealers are D.M.E. stores that soon realized greater profitability by serving the consumer out of one location. They are right of course, as a wheelchair or scooter go hand in hand with a wheelchair accessible van. More importantly, however, is providing the consumer with the right solution at an affordable price, rather than sending them down the street to purchase their wheelchair accessible van elsewhere. Which, in most cases, will be over-priced and beyond what the consumer requires.

Keep Up With the Industry

For instance, this very trend emerged when NUMOTION, one of America’s largest wheelchair dealers, teamed up with VMI of Arizona, the second largest manufacturer for wheelchair accessible vans in America. As a result, VMI stated the following in a recent press release “VMI desires to create a total solution for our mutual customers from a single convenient location as we believe our customers will greatly benefit from this.”

Let Us Help You Do More

Whether you would like to send us vans to convert or have us source and provide local wholesale vans for ease of one-way transportation Adaptive Vans is at your wheelchair accessible van service. Looking to discuss the right wheelchair accessible van strategy for your business? Contact us! We are happy to help.

If You Are a Car Dealership Interested in Wheelchair Accessible Vans:

Use Your Existing Infrastructure to Do More

Have you ever considered stocking and selling a wheelchair accessible van at your dealership? In the words of our founder Bob Boston – “I can tell you as a former used car dealer of many years, that having a wheelchair accessible van on your front row, with the ramp down, really sparks a lot of interest and brings in traffic. In fact, I would place an empty wheelchair seated in the doorway of the van as well. Which makes it crystal clear what this van actually is!”

Easily Integrate Wheelchair Accessible Vans Into Your System

With the internet era stronger than ever many small and some large automotive dealers have found it increasingly difficult to stay in business. Therefore, by adding a supplemental yet vertical product, like wheelchair accessible vans, into your current business model, an entirely new revenue stream will emerge alongside improved margins with little to no interruption with your current sales process.

Reach New Customers

For instance, we currently have several dealers around the country that have found this new profit center of wheelchair accessible vans to be extremely rewarding. While at the same time improving their community’s perception of the dealership by providing services to families with special needs.  In fact, and contrary to popular belief, most wheelchair accessible van users are passengers and not drivers.  Simply stated, a family is seeking a safe, reliable solution to transport their loved ones at a price that does not drain their life savings.

Take Your Dealership to the Next Level

If you would like to learn more about this exciting opportunity to expand profits and give back to the community Contact us to become an Adaptive Vans wheelchair accessible van dealership today!

From Adaptive Vans CEO:

Whatever your dealer situation, we would truly appreciate your business and will strive to give you great and personal service while supplying the best wheelchairs vans in the industry.

Thanks, and hope to talk soon.

-Bob Boston

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