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The Benefits of Buying Handicap Accessible Vans Factory Direct

Adaptive Vans Save Money with Factory Direct Mobility Van
"The term “factory direct” is just what it sounds like – mobility vans sold straight from the manufacturer who produces them."

Buying a vehicle is a big purchase for anyone. As big of a purchase as it is, there’s plenty of research and work that happens before you even get to the signing table. If you’re searching for a mobility van, you’ve no doubt found this to be true as well.

You might find yourself wanting to go to a big-business dealership, but bigger isn’t always better. Dealerships are what we call the “middleman,” and deciding to bypass them and purchase factory-direct could save you thousands!

What Does a “Factory Direct” Mobility Van Mean?

The term “factory direct” is just what it sounds like – mobility vans sold straight from the manufacturer who produces them. In traditional vehicle purchasing, the car is first manufactured, and then a dealership comes in to buy the factory vehicles to then sell for a much higher price. As dealers have to purchase their vehicle from the manufacturer, they have an additional financial investment in the car and are more motivated to sell the vehicle quickly. The process of finding a mobility van is meant to be intentional and should require some bit of time to do it right. Take time to build relationships and trust the person you’re purchasing from.

When you purchase straight from the manufacturer, you have the opportunity to communicate and work with the people who actually modified the vehicle. They know the ins and outs of mobility vans better than anyone, so they’re experts – rather than salesman.

No More Dealership Fees

Dealerships are business entities of their own, meaning they have employees to pay and lights to keep on. The main way they make a profit is by marking up vehicles purchased for a low amount to unreasonably high prices. So, while you may think the backing of a large dealership offers security and honest pricing, the opposite is actually true.

Purchasing your mobility van factory-direct helps to cut down on added costs and “dealership fees,” so you get your accessible vehicle at an affordable price. If you’re looking to convert your existing vehicle, going directly through an accredited manufacturer is your best bet for an affordable conversion. Beware of other factories that direct you to one of their “authorized dealers,” as this route could up your costs by thousands (anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000).

Save Thousands on Your Mobility Van – Cut Out the Middle Man and Buy Factory Direct

Our mission at Adaptive Vans is to help people with disabilities lead happier, more independent and more mobile lives. We strive to find solutions that fit to your unique needs – both budgetary and physical – so every family can have a sleek, minimally-obtrusive mobility van.

If you don’t see the vehicle you want in our inventory, we have an extensive network across the country to help us find, purchase and ship vehicles from anywhere and convert them in our own factory. This way, your perfect vehicle is never more than a phone call away!

If you’re looking to purchase a mobility van, or if you have a compatible model of your own that you’d like to keep, give us a call at (844) 240-8962 or visit us online to learn how we can help find your perfect fit!

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