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Contacting Adaptive Vans: What to Expect

"Adaptive Vans provides a versatile lineup of conversions to meet a variety of needs. Once we understand your needs, we can go over the conversions that are right for you."

What to Expect

Contacting a dealership can give anyone pause. This article is meant to provide you with a preview of the questions we may ask and the topics we will go over when you reach out to us. Hopefully after reading this, you will feel more confident and prepared to have a productive conversation about purchasing a wheelchair van.

Gathering Initial Information

Contact Information

When you reach out to us at Adaptive Vans, we ask a few basic questions to help us better understand and serve you. First, we ask for contact information to connect with you. This includes your name and any form of contact method you are comfortable with sharing. We never share or sell your information with other companies.

State Residence

The next thing we may ask is your state of residence. This will help us better consider your environment and needs. Since we are located in Georgia, this question will let us know if we need to discuss delivery options later in the conversation. We have also partnered with service locations around the country to bring peace of mind to our customers in other states.

How You Found Us

We may also ask about how you found our company. This question gives us a better idea of how our customers are reaching us. With this information we can focus our attention on marketing methods that work and spend less on broad advertising, therefore passing those savings to our customers.

Who Is the Wheelchair User

Understanding who is in the wheelchair is key information for our experts. Knowing this helps us to properly address your situation and provides us context in our conversation with you. We need to know if you are the wheelchair user or a family member or caretaker or if you are a transportation company looking for a WAV.

What Is Your Budget

We always respect your budget and we never try to sell you something you do not need. Knowing your budget helps us give you relevant wheelchair van suggestions. If needed, we can offer financing options as well.

Analyzing Your Needs

Type of Wheelchair

Our conversions are designed to work with nearly all wheelchairs on the market. Our experts can make informed suggestions in case your wheelchair is compatible with a particular product we offer. If you are interested, you can read more on our blog about the mobility products we offer.

Specific Dimensions

Big, small, or tall, we have seen it all. We may ask for specific dimensions on the wheelchair and the user. These can be somewhat personal questions but the intention is simply to get our customers into the right conversion. As always, you are not required to share more than you are comfortable with.

Special Circumstances & Considerations

If you feel you have a special circumstance or situation that we should know about, this would be a good time to share those. For example, this could be the use of an oxygen tank or any assisted living device, wheelchair user disabilities, or ancillary mobility equipment. The more information we have, the better we can assist you in finding the perfect wheelchair accessible vehicle.


Considering where you plan to use your wheelchair accessible vehicle is an important aspect of deciding on the right conversion. Discussing some of the environmental challenges of your area will help our experts in providing relevant recommendations. Some examples of notable mentions include: areas of heavy snowfall, gravel roads and driveways, and steeply angled driveways.

Informing Your Decision


Adaptive Vans provides a versatile lineup of conversions to meet a variety of needs. Once we understand your needs, we can go over the conversions that are right for you. If we find that you need something other than what we offer, our experts will let you know.

Inventory & Converting Options

We will then make suggestions from our inventory that match your needs. If the type of vehicle you need is unavailable, there are still more options. We can convert your van; this can be a good option for those who have a compatible vehicle or the means to supply one. Another option is for Adaptive Vans to seek out new or used vehicles for conversion on your behalf.

Purchasing Options

After deciding on the right conversion for you, we can discuss your purchasing options. We offer convenient financing options to afford you new mobility at a low monthly cost. Not all customers are approved for financing, so we are always looking to buy and fix used vans to offer a great value to our customers. Check our inventory page often for these special deals because they disappear quickly!

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