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Toyota Wheelchair Van Conversions

The Reliable

Since the Toyota Sienna was first introduced in 1998, it has established itself as one of the top options in the family-oriented minivan segment. With a multitude of standard features, a great safety record, and a reputation for reliability, the Sienna has continuously helped Toyota establish itself as more than a carmaker that produces hybrid cars. When the Sienna was first introduced, it was offered in three trim levels: CE, LE, and XLE. Now in its third generation, the Sienna offers five different trim levels, base, LE, XLE, Limited, and SE, giving consumers even more available options and features. Through the Sienna, Toyota became the first automaker to offer a factory installed auto-access seat for disabled people. Hence why the Toyota Sienna has also lent itself to be an excellent platform for a wheelchair accessible van as well. When we add our power remote bi-fold wheelchair accessible conversion onto the Toyota Sienna we believe it is one of the best looking and performing wheelchair accessible vans available on the market today. With our minimally invasive accessible conversion the Toyota leads the pack with sleek lines, reliability, and affordability for a premium converted brand.

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Adaptive Van's Toyota Side Entry Wheelchair Accessible Conversion

Toyota Wheelchair Van Conversion Specifications

Conversion Features

  • Power Ramp + Remote System
  • 10″ Lowered Floor
  • 28-½” Wide Ramp
  • 55″ Ramp Length
  • 800 lbs. Ramp Capacity
  • 10° Ramp Angle
  • 5-¾” Ground Clearance
  • 54-½” Door Opening Height

Available Models

  • Toyota Sienna, 2011-2020
  • New or Used Chassis

Gallery of Adaptive Van's Toyota Side Entry Conversion

Current Inventory of Converted Toyota Vans

About Adaptive Vans

Since 1979, Adaptive Vans has had one clear goal: to provide our customers with excellence, simplicity and convenience at an affordable price. We are a proud charter member of the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) and align with their mission to improve transportation options for people with disabilities.  We strive to produce high quality wheelchair accessible vehicles to help people with disabilities lead happy, healthy and more mobile lives.

We also take safety very seriously. As a member of NMEDA, we strictly adhere to the safety standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and participate in NMEDA’s Quality Assurance Program™ (QAP), a nationally recognized accreditation program for the mobility equipment industry developed to promote quality, dependability, and safety.

In 1979 Adaptive Mobility Systems, Inc. began by installing lifts and custom components in vans for wheelchair accessibility. In 1999, under current management, we designed and manufactured our first lowered floor minivan conversion. We have built and crash tested our minimally invasive conversions on the Dodge, Chrysler, VW, Kia, Honda, and Toyota minivan platforms while not compromising the structural integrity of the vehicle and exceeding safety standards.

From 1999 to 2017 all our conversions were sold exclusively by AMS Vans, an internet marketer, under the branding “AMS.” In late 2017 AMS Vans sold its business, ending our long partnership. We now independently sell our conversions to mobility dealers all over the United States, and recently to the public with the new branding “Adaptive Vans.” Using the knowledge and skills we gained from converting over 7,000 vans we believe we can offer the strongest, simplest, and safest wheelchair accessible vans at a price no other manufacturer can compete with.

Based in Tucker, Georgia, our production facility is staffed with skilled professionals, using the latest technology to create converted vehicles that are easy to maintain and service at one of our many service centers across the country. Whether selecting a van from our inventory or converting a van purchased from another source, our finished products appear and perform nearly identical from a vehicle purchased directly from the manufacturer’s showroom. We are able to perform conversions that match up with our customers’ needs and desires. Whether they are looking for side or rear entry, we are able to come up with the perfect solution at a price that is well within reach for most families.

Thanks to our long-standing reputation as a trusted brand, we are able to work with mobility dealers and car dealerships to help them provide their customers with the freedom and accessibility that a wheelchair-accessible van can deliver.

Safety, reliability and quality. Take a look at what Adaptive Vans has to offer and start planning your mobile future.
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