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"Freedom, Space, and Pricing are key when considering your next conversion van."

The term “handicap van,” might elicit the image of a clunky, bus-like or large older style full size vans. While the appearance may not matter to some if the vehicle runs well, many children and adults with disabilities feel like they stand out and possibly attract unwanted attention. The beauty behind a modern lowered floor minivan or wheelchair conversion van is the aesthetically pleasing body style that’s nearly indistinguishable from the original O.E.M. design of the van.

Beyond the sleek and discrete design, a wheelchair accessible van or conversion van offers families and people with disabilities several other benefits. When constructed well, a wheelchair accessible van will greatly improve mobility and overall quality of life.

Simple, Safe and Durable

Above all else – a wheelchair accessible van or conversion van from Adaptive Vans is safe. All vehicles are extensively crash tested and meet and or exceed all required FVMSS and NHTSA safety standards. We believe that keeping it simple through a non-invasive design is the best way to avoid any mechanical issues or reliability complications. For example, our conversion van doesn’t include complex on touch systems or kneeling systems. Keeping it simple and safe by removing 20% of the items that create 80% of the issues– more often than not – is the best way to avoid malfunctions down the road.


Conversion vans or wheelchair accessible minivans are designed to look nearly identical to the original van body style. Having a sleek design that blends in with the unconverted conversion vans or minivans provide people with disabilities the opportunity to move through life without drawing unwanted attention. Not many people look twice at a traditional, bulkier, accessible full size vans, but to those inside it can seem like the opposite is true. Taking away reasons for self-consciousness gives freedom to people with disabilities to enjoy the day without fear of judgement.

Certain types of conversion or wheelchair accessible minivans also give drivers with disabilities independence to drive themselves around without having to rely on other persons to help. This independence sparks confidence and contributes to happier lives!


A conversion van or wheelchair accessible minivan is the perfect solution for larger families, groups traveling together, or for anyone who appreciates a little extra space. While the exterior body style is only slightly modified, the interior floor is dropped 10” to 14” inches to allow plenty of room for people coming and going, and for those riding in a wheelchair so there is plenty head clearance while entering and exiting the vehicle. Additionally, the entire floor is lowered in all wheelchair accessible minivans to allow room for the wheelchair to move about both in the mid row and passenger side front positions. A little extra space goes a long way to provide meaningful comfort and functionality for the wheelchair user.


Pricing for a conversion van can vary greatly depending on who you buy from, especially if you’re purchasing through a mobility dealership and not factory direct. Mobility Dealers tend to ramp up the price on a conversion van in order to turn a profit based upon low volume of sales. Since they’re a third-party vendor and not a manufacturer, they have overhead and employees to pay, so they inflate the price and pass the burden of expense to the end user.

Purchasing your vehicle factory direct from Adaptive Vans means you’ll get at-wholesale pricing, saving you thousands of dollars you’d likely spend at the Mobility dealership.

Buy Your Conversion Van from a Trusted Source

Beyond the attractive look and functionality, a wheelchair accessible van or conversion van will serve as an extension of your home – a place where you and your family can feel comfortable, in control and secure. To get the best quality and longevity out of your wheelchair accessible van, make sure you buy from an accredited, NMEDA manufacturer – like us! We also offer each customer a dedicated conversion van concierge Mobility specialist to answer questions and help you find the perfect wheelchair van to fit your needs.

If you’re in the market for a wheelchair van, give us a call at (770) 674-0776 or visit us online to learn more. Already have a van? If it’s a compatible model, we can convert it for you! Click here to see if your van is a candidate for conversion.

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