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What Makes Adaptive Vans’ Wheelchair Vans Different?

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"Adaptive Van’s Handicap Vans’ functional design offers a unique solution to anyone struggling with mobility due to disability or another factor."

Getting to and from your vehicle is a major concern if you require the use of a wheelchair, scooter or other handicap-accessible device. You might require the ease and functionality of an innovative handicap van, but you still desire the look and simplicity of a non-altered vehicle.

At Adaptive Vans, we provide our customers with a unique and simplistic handicap van that gets you where you need to go safely and securely, while still being easy to use and maintaining a sleek stylish exterior. Our Adaptive Vans handicap vans are simple in their design, because our Mobility Experts remove 20% of the complex features that cause 80% of problems in most other conversion van designs.

A Wheelchair Van that is Aesthetically Pleasing

When you receive a handicap van through Adaptive Vans, you can rest assured knowing each one of our wheelchair accessible vans are designed with the customer and their family in mind. We know the driver of the handicap van is more than likely not in a wheelchair, and that most drivers are a caregiver – often a parent or spouse. Whether you’re driving the wheelchair accessible van or getting a ride, you want a vehicle as close to the original model of the van as possible, not a clunky, obviously modified body style.

At Adaptive Vans, we expertly design and build our handicap vans to appear as close to the original design of the van as we possibly can, so your vehicle remains stylish and sophisticated, while serving a multi-functional purpose. Each part of the design process, from functionality to aesthetics, is guided by our desire to improve our customers’ quality of life while still providing a vehicle that customers are proud to ride in.

Easily Convert Your Van into a Wheelchair Accessible Van

If you’re looking to buy a complete ready-to-go handicap van, we have a full line of beautiful, safe, and fully converted wheelchair accessible vans to choose from. However, if you already have a van you would like to convert into a multi-functional wheelchair van, we can help you transform your minivan in to a conversion van. At Adaptive Vans, we can convert minivans from a number of manufacturers including Toyota, Chrysler and Dodge.

Check out our conversions page to see if your minivan is a good candidate for a conversion van.

Our conversion van process is simple. After talking with our team of Mobility Experts, your minivan will be shipped to our Mobility facility, where we will begin the conversion process. Our conversion vans take about 3 weeks to complete in full. Once your new conversion van is complete, we’ll send you an invoice, and then your handicap van is ready to hit the road! When you purchase one of our handicap vans or have yours converted right in our factory, you’ll never have to worry about paying the “middleman” markup price offered at dealerships. As a family-run business, Adaptive Vans is here to work directly with you providing honest prices and service you won’t find anywhere else.

Safety-Guaranteed Handicap Van

Not only are our vans innovative and designed to look like a traditional non-altered vehicle, but they also come with the highest in safety standards. Each one of our handicap vans is fully crash tested to ensure they meet or exceed all required FMVSS and NHTSA safety standards. When you drive a wheelchair accessible van from Adaptive Vans, you can feel secure knowing you and your passengers are in a vehicle designed for safety.

At Adaptive Vans, we design handicap vans that are reliable and easy to use while maintaining their original style and appeal. Contact us today at (770) 674-0776 to get your very own wheelchair accessible van so you too can experience transportation designed to make your life much easier.

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